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School readiness is more than the ABC’s and it begins at birth.

School Readiness means being healthy, getting along with others, and being ready to learn. What can parents, grandparents, older siblings, friends and others do to help children from birth to five be ready?

Fill children’s lives with the things they’ll need to succeed in school. Explore this website to find fun activities and learn more about children’s development.

Parent Resources from Qualistar

Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines

The Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines provide practical tips and points of reference that anyone can use to help kids grow.

Print these tip sheets to help you understand more about child development and what you can do to help.

English VersionSpanish Version
For children 0 to 4 monthsFor children 0 to 4 months
For children 4 to 8 monthsFor children 4 to 8 months
For children 9 to 18 monthsFor children 9 to 18 months
For children 19 to 36 monthsFor children 19 to 36 months
For children 3 to 5 yearsFor children 3 to 5 years
For children 5 to 8 yearsFor children 5 to 8 years

Health and Safety Resources

Healthy Child Care Colorado: Works to promote the health, wellness and safety of children in early care and education settings and provides free trainings and resources for parents on obesity prevention, oral health, injury prevention and social-emotional health.

Resources for Parenting and Child Development