Forms and Information

ECC Policies

Grievance Procedures

The ECC grievance policies ensure that parents have an effective way of negotiating difficulties and differences that arise in their interactions with the center or center personnel. Our program policy entails contacting the ECC Director or the ECC Executive Director as the first line of problem resolution. They will then make the decision if the issues involved need to be presented to the Executive Committee of the HDFS Department for further consideration.

Licensing Violations

Parents may report suspected licensing violations to the Colorado Office of Early Childhood/ Department of Human Services: 303-866-5958 or Lara S. Wiley, Child Care Licensing Specialist,, 303-914-6600 x 3051.

Lotion and Sunscreen

The ECC provides sunscreen and lotion for all children. "Rocky Mountain Sunscreen" and Generic discount store lotion are used at the center. Please bring a labeled bottle of your own, if you child is allergic to these brands.

Photo and Filming Information

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies occasionally prepares film and videotape materials for educational and research purposes, which may include a visual portrayal of a child or groups of children in our center. The department faculty will, in any such case, protect the integrity of individual children, and ensure that such visual materials will be used in conformity with the highest standards of professional ethics. Photographs and videotapes taken of the children's activities may be used for instructional purposes in HDFS classes, documentation panels, and for general developmental assessment.

In addition, the ECC occasionally participates in community or university events where local media are present. Photos of children may be taken and published at these times. Parents who don't want their child to be filmed or photographed can initial the box on the Photo and Filming Release Form that says "Please exclude my child from any filming or photos."

Philosophy on Watching Videos

Our philosophy on watching videos is to limit the time spent viewing videos. The ECC allows children to view videos for limited periods of time (15 minutes). We occasionally show children brief, educational videos related to our weekly theme. For example: during our "Building Construction" theme, we showed a video of various work machines such as bulldozers.