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Policy on Babysitting Referrals

ECC policy on babysitting requests

The Early Childhood Center makes no babysitting recommendations, nor do we recommend or refer any of our college students or staff for babysitting. If parents are interested in posting a request for a nanny or babysitter, they are welcome to do so on the CSU student employment job site:

ECC policy on conflict of interest

Based on discussions with CSU legal counsel, it has been determined that conflict of interest does exist, actual or potential, when ECC teachers babysit for ECC families.

From time to time ECC teachers may be approached by ECC parents with babysitting requests for children who are currently enrolled in the school. The concern with this is that the employment as a sitter could have an adverse impact on the ECC and its relationship with ECC parents.

The University policy with respect to conflicts of interests contains the following statement:

External obligations, financial interests, and activities of each University employee must be managed so that there is no interference with the employee's primary obligation and commitment to the University. The mere perception of conflict of interest can cause lasting injury to the reputation of the employee and the University, even when subsequent information shows those perceptions to be unfounded. D.7.7.1

The University policy with respect to conflict of commitment provides further:

Faculty members and administrative professionals owe their primary professional obligation to the University, and their primary commitment of time and intellectual energies should be to the teaching and advising, research and other creative activity, and service and/or outreach of the institution.... A conflict of commitment arises when a faculty member or administrative professional undertakes external commitments which substantially burden or interfere with the employee's primary obligations and commitments to the University D7.6.1

ECC teachers owe their primary commitment as a teacher to the ECC, its students and parents. Entering into other employment relationships with ECC parents creates at least the perception that the commitment of the teacher to that parent and his/her child is somehow greater than that of the teacher to other parents or children. Further, if there is a dispute or falling out between the parent and the teacher, there may be a perception on the part of the parent that the teacher’s commitment to or treatment of their child while in the ECC is or will be adversely impacted. Either of these situations could interfere with the proper operation of the ECC and injure the reputation of the ECC and its employees.

Therefore, it is the recommendation of CSU legal counsel that the ECC expressly prohibit its teachers from babysitting for currently enrolled ECC families.